Aelita Queen of Mars

Triple feature: 1ST SHOWING – 4FR accompanies AELITA QUEEN OF MARS, a silent black and white film. 2ND SHOWING- DATA REGENERATION PROJECT accompanies AELITA (with image manipulation). During performance 4FR video tapes room and general ambience. 3RD SHOWING- SHOW VIDEO OF LAST PERFORMANCE while manipulating the audio and video of it.


Urban Break Coffee House (aka The Labspace), 10020 Jos Campau, Hamtramck, MI, 313-872-1210

The concept: Artist 4FR (Chris Girard) performed music inspired by the silent, black and white film “Aelita: Queen of Mars”. The Data Regeneration Project (m00k13, verzerren, bubblegone, smitty) performed audio with the data from the video and manipulated the video with the data from the audio.

The goal: To digitally deconstruct the film into data to be used for audio creation and then to use the data from the audio to deconstruct the film, creating a data feedback loop.

The means: m00k13 and smitty performed live video manipulation with two laptops, a video mixer, an Amiga and a video camera. Bubblegone and verzerren produced most of the audio with two laptops, custom software, a sampler, drum machine, and a Nintendo gameboy.

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