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The New PlayStation Move

At first I was pretty skeptical about this interface. Then I saw the demo. Yes, you look a bit like a traffic controller at an airport waving flashlight-like controllers around. But, Sony has taken the Wii controller idea and integrated … Continue reading

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Looking at the Senate’s Networks

This is a fascinating network theory based visual analysis of the US Senate.

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Who is Joe?

Joe is a practitioner scholar. He works as an IT Process Manager at University of Michigan, holds a recently minted Ph.D. in Technology Management from Eastern Michigan University, and is sometimes an Adjunct Instructor at Cleary University and Eastern Michigan … Continue reading

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VerzerSynth Audio VST Plugin for Windows

VerzerSynth (Windows) Verzersynth is a simple, raw VST plugin synthesizer.

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VerzerSampSynth Audio VST Plugin for Windows

VerzerSampSynth (Windows) VerzerSampSynth is a raw and aggressive VST instrument plugin. It uses both sampling (using soundfonts) and synthesis to produce the harsh sounds. The synth side of the instrument takes many of its parameters from the sampler sounds. Using … Continue reading

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Verzerrer Audio VST Plugin for Windows

Verzerrer (Windows) This is a loose port of the Macintosh platform VST Plugin of the same name. It downsamples, quantizes, and chains two distortions together.

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VerzerQuadOsc Audio VST Plugin for Windows

VerzerQuadOsc (Windows) Verzerquadosc sports 4 oscillators with the first three being used to manipulate parameters of the fourth. Verzerquadosc comes with 12 pre-programmed sample patches and the ability for you to store up to 128 of your own. This is … Continue reading

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