Blog Reaction: No More Nexus Ones

I saw this blog posting by Harry McCracken and started to reflect on how Apple and Google approach design and implementation. Apple seems to take a very traditional approach to manufacturing, where they try to control everything and keep a tight schedule on when OS and hardware releases happen. Google, on the other hand seems to be adapting the agile software development methodology to manufacturing. They release OS updates so frequently that in many cases manufacturers can’t keep up. As these two companies continue their competition for market dominance it will be interesting to see how these two dynamics play out. If Google can get their manufacturers to start adapting agile manufacturing processes (whatever that would look like) things could get really interesting and a new paradigm for large scale manufacturing could possibly emerge.
from Technologizer

No More Nexus Ones: “

Google has officially sold out of the Nexus One. Which means that for a brief (hopefully!) period, there won’t be any smartphones available that run the current version of Android, 2.2. Weird.