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The Bend Desk

As a concept I think the Bend Desk (the work of Malte Weiss, Simon Voelker, and Jan Borchers) has potential. The Bend Desk  Even more about the Bend Desk, including academic papers, can be found here. Advertisements

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eReaders – I want a combination of Apple’s iBook and Google’s eBook

When Apple’s iBook came out a while ago I was pretty excited because the reader application looked great.  The library allows you to store PDFs as well as books.  While reading you can copy selected sections and look them up … Continue reading

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All I want for Christmas is a tactile feedback dual touch screen tablet computer

Some posts I’ve seen recently have me wondering if the evolutionary paths of tablets and laptops may eventually merge into a sort of hybrid device. Exhibit A: I’ve often thought that it would be cool if a touchscreen could modify … Continue reading

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