eReaders – I want a combination of Apple’s iBook and Google’s eBook

When Apple’s iBook came out a while ago I was pretty excited because the reader application looked great.  The library allows you to store PDFs as well as books.  While reading you can copy selected sections and look them up in a dictionary, highlight (in yellow) and even annotate the text you were reading.  The highlighting and annotating is wonderful for people like me who consider reading only useful when they have a pen or pencil in their hands.  The drag with Apple’s iBook, though, is that it’s stuck on the iPhone or iPad.  You can’t easily read your books on your computer.

Google’s new eBook, however, stores your books in the cloud, so it’s all about portability.  You can read from any device that supports a browser, Android marketplace, or Apple App Store.  But, the reader software is painfully limited to (gasp!) reading.

What I want is a combination of Apple’s iBook and Google’s eBook.  I want my content always available from any device I connect to the Internet, but I also want to be able to manipulate it how ever I want.  I’m pretty demanding that way.  It’s sort of perplexing that Google, with it’s TONS of catalogued information, didn’t integrate their other services with eBook.  I’m surprised that I can’t do a Google search based off of selected text in an eBook.  Seems pretty elementary.  Google also owns Blogger.  Why can’t I blog about my eBooks from the reader app? And the list could go on for quite some time.

Who will be the first to integrate Facebook and Twitter with eReaders?  Then we’ll know e and i Books have hit the mainstream.

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One Response to eReaders – I want a combination of Apple’s iBook and Google’s eBook

  1. Anonymous says:

    so true!


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