New Article Published in Journal of Computer Resource Management

The Journal of Computer Resource Management has just published an article I wrote, called “Can Cloud Storage Providers Mine Your Intellectual Property (and Get Away With It)?“. It looks at copyright law, end user license agreements and case history to conclude that, yes, they can do it and get away with it.


“This paper explores the possibilities for data mining practices on intellectual property rights by cloud storage service providers. It examines copyright law, the end user license agreements of three popular cloud storage providers, and case history to draw the conclusion that storage service providers can mine intellectual property and get away with it.”

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2 Responses to New Article Published in Journal of Computer Resource Management

  1. Hart Johnson says:

    Such a fuzzy time we're in where intellectual property is concerned. I know with my work, certain kinds of research HAS to have results made public after a certain time as a part of the agreement to get funding. It is good for science, but anathema to our competitive natures. But then as a writer… my stuff is MINE right? But apparently not so much. I was being 'republished' for a while on my blog… unbeknownst to me… somebody using my content for their product. All very strange. MOSTLY I think the more read I am, the better, even if somebody else is benefitting and I dont' know about it, but the lines are really hard to draw.


  2. The Information Resources Management Journal (IRMJ) is an applied research, refereed, … Articles published in IRMJ deal with a vast number of issues concerning usage, failure, … EBSCOhost's Computer & Applied Sciences Complete … in Hershey, PA and an editorial office in New York City. The Student Research Journal


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