Knowledge16 Presentation: Managing a CMDB More Effectively by Distributing Control

Last week I got to spend some time in Las Vegas at the Knowledge16 conference, which is ServiceNow’s annual conference. I was there to present on some of the experiences we’ve had at University of Michigan while shifting CMDB (Configuration Management Database) management from a centralized control model to one of more distributed control. I love the topic because it is just as much about how people interact as it is about technology.

Managing a CMDB More Effectively by Distributing Control

After attempting a typical top-down centralized control approach to managing the CMDB, the University of Michigan blew up that model and instead provided staff the context and tools within which they could manage their own configuration items.

In this session, they will discuss how this opened the door to an amazing experience of partnership and participation, while allowing them to collectively manage it without losing their minds. Along the way they will talk about how they used specific ServiceNow features like data certification to reach their goals.

Oh, look, Las Vegas


Obligatory session of gambling. Made some big bucks.


Up next….
My view from the podium before everyone arrived.

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